Quick Update

02 April 2023

It's been a while since I've made any changes to this website, so I figured I would do that today since I have so much downtime on my hands. I haven't made it quite as simple as a Facebook post to make changes to the site. I have to write code, push the changes to GitHub, then pull the code on my server. I like to keep it old fashioned.

Things have been going really well for me lately. It's been over four months since I drank alcohol or otherwise abused any recreational drugs. Slowly but surely, it feels like I'm regaining my sanity and taking back control of my life.

My living situation is finally stable and secure, all thanks to the help of my blessed mother, without whom I would surely still be stranded in life. Recently I bought a few surf boards, and slowly but surely I'm getting into the art & sport of surfing. Today, she returns to Phoenix from her one week vacation in Egypt with her mother.

I was experiencing distress and void of respect in my work life, so I've decided to explore better employment opportunities on the island. Work was really getting in the way of my serenity, so I am more than content not working right now. I'm just looking for a work situation where I don't feel stuck and my work ethic taken for granted. I have a few things lined up, but my availability is pretty limited.

The two best things, rooting from the aforementioned, that I have going on in my life right now are: a stable & loving relationship with a woman, and my upcoming enrollment in the Fall 2023 Semester at UH Manoa. Finally I will be attaining my Bachelor's degree in computer science. Serendipitously, around that time, I should be completing the state-mandated drug and alcohol treatment program, so I'm really counting on my higher power to clear the path to my desired future. I will be doing my part by staying on the path: remaining clean and sober, abiding by the terms & conditions, and staying in close contact with my support network.

Godspeed & bless you, dear reader.

Baccarat Dealer

19 July 2022

I first started writing code around 2010. I (foolishly) thought I had a good grasp on C# and wanted to write code in C++. I thought the only real difference was that C# accessed things with a dot, and C++ accessed object properties with an arrow. So I tried to write a blackjack game in C++. When memory leaks innevitably occured, I abandoned the project altogether.

Ten years later, I'm a student at UH Hilo, and our professor gives us an assignment to write any simulation, in any language we choose. I thought it would be impressive to code my project in C++, and I was interested in learning about the casino card game called Baccarat. So, I created this Baccarat simulator.

It dawned on me that I am able to tackle this programming assignment that I had failed to create over a decade ago. With the magic of Flutter UIs, I created Card Counting Companion, a free & open-source app on the Play & App Stores. This is exactly the app I had wanted to create over a decade ago, but I had lacked the expertise.

Now I have all of this source code for animating playing cards in Flutter, and with it, I created another card game, Baccarat Dealer. Baccarat Dealer is very similar to the Baccarat Simulator that I wrote, except it's animated.

It costs $1 on the Play & App Stores, and I haven't published the source code on GitHub. Anyone who is motivated enough could probably put together a better rendition by logically merging the working components of Card Counting Companion and Baccarat Simulator.

Much to Richard Stallman's dismay, I decided to sell the app, rather than make it free, because I figured anybody who needs an app like this is running a table or testing a strategy, with the intent to make money. Also, I have 3 apps on the App Stores already (Date Countdown, Fibs and Primes, Card Counting Companion). They are attracting lots of downloads on the App Store, but rather stagnant on the Play Store. I wanted to see how a paid app would fare, in comparison.

Presently, Baccarat Dealer has by far the most impressions (views) on the App Store, but also the fewest downloads, since the free promotion I was running ended on Wednesday (July 13th) last week. During the promotion, 40 people downloaded it. Since, only 2 people have bought it.

On the Play Store, the app got 3 downloads during the free promotion, and one person has since paid for it. I will be curious to see how it does moving forward. I usually don't pay for any apps, but I occasionally will shell out $1 for apps I really want. In the future maybe I will try crafting some apps with in-app purchases.

Apps, apps, apps

10 July 2022

Recently, I bought a used 2020 13" M1 Macbook Air to build apps for Apple devices. At first I was hesitant because I wasn't sure if this rig was capable enough for development. It turns out this computer is highly capable. I love it; it runs all day and seemlessly multitasks. It far outperforms my Surface Pro 5, which had trouble debugging on an emulator. On that rig, most of my debugging was performed in a Chrome profile.

Without further ado, I invite you to check out my two new apps: Fibs and Primes and Card Counting Companion. Also, an honorable mention to Date Countdown, which is now available on the App Store.

Moved to Oahu

20 April 2022

On 8 February 2022, I moved from the Big Island of Hawaii to Oahu. When I first moved to Hawaii, I thought the Big Island would be less intimidating than the big city, but in fact it was the opposite. Oahu is much easier to navigate, and it is much easier for me to make friends and find like-minded people here. The Big Island is great for adventures, but I chose to move here to continue my education at the University of Hawaii.

Pictured to the right is my current Facebook profile picture, taken from a Banyan tree that I climbed at Kapi'olani Park in downtown Honolulu. These trees are magificent. They appear to drop chutes down their branches to support even broader growth. I had fun climbing them. Those pictures were taken around 20 feet above the ground.

Date Countdown

3 February 2022

My latest app, called Date Countdown, became available on the Google Play Store today.

Cruise Ships

27 January 2022

The cruise ships are back in town. I haven't seen any in Kailua-Kona since COVID emerged early in 2020. Back when it started, a cruise ship named Diamond Princess was a notorious incubator for the first variant. Nearly two years have passed since then, but it feels like the blink of an eye. I could dedicate several blog posts to my philosophical take on COVID, but I would prefer to keep this post light. Good times are on the horizon.

Below you will see the cruise ship that was anchored in Kailua-Kona harbor on January 26th, 2022. I didn't get a chance to read the name of the ship, but they sure are an illusory, magnificent sight.

In the middle there are some fish tacos I bought at a new restaurant called J's Fish and Grill in the Kona Coast shopping center across from Lanihau, by KTA superstore. The food and atmosphere were very pleasant. It's one of the few sit-down restaurants in the area. Near Loco Wraps, the island's own Chipotle, this place is a gem.

On the right is a picture of a young calf, taken from my upstairs back poarch (lanai) when I lived on Hoene Street a few minutes up the mauka from town. She has a very intimate stare. It looks like she hasn't even been tagged yet. Her ears look like satillite dishes and her gaze is just totally awesome. Can you see it?

First post

23 January 2022

This is the first blog post on my website.

On this website you will find my random, spontaneous, innermost thoughts, on display for the world to see. But I would be shocked if anyone actually sees them. The fact that you are reading this right now mires me.

I will be using this website to keep track of and share my thoughts and files. Also, in the future, I will be using this server as an API endpoint for any future apps I choose to write.

If you would like to get in touch, you can contact me here.

On the right, you will see a picture of a llama. Below, you will find a picture of a goat.

(note: I didn't take these pictures. they are just templates that I used to configure the blog styling.)

And here is some more text.

Thank you for reading.